One click game development will soon be a reality

The gaming industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, thanks to technological advancements and the increasing popularity of gaming across all age groups. Another area that has been rapidly evolving is generative artificial intelligence (AI), which enables machines to generate new content based on patterns and data inputs.

The convergence of these two industries has the potential to create groundbreaking innovations such as RiseAngle’s Generative AI-powered 1-Click Game Creation Platform. This revolutionary tool promises to democratize game development and unlock the creativity of gamers and non-gamers alike.

RiseAngle is pioneering the future of gaming, with its AI Game Creator platform that enables anyone to develop games, regardless of their technical expertise or access to resources. The RiseAngle platform aims to transform game development into game creation by leveraging generative AI.

This technology enables users to create games based on their imagination and vision, without the need for extensive resources or technical skills. The platform democratizes game development by making it accessible to a wider audience, enabling gamers and non-gamers alike to create their own games.

About RiseAngle

The company, founded by Kaveh Vahdat, has already released five games in the market, and over 400,000 people have installed them. RiseAngle understands the challenges that professional game developers face in adapting to the disruptions brought about by generative AI, and this experience informs the development of their platform. The goal is to guide developers through the transition from traditional game development to game creation powered by AI.

How does the platform Work?

RiseAngle’s platform is unique in that it creates customized games based on high-level user input. Users provide their preferences for various game components, such as story, visuals, music, mechanics, and character information, which can differ based on the game type and genre. The platform then uses generative AI to produce one-of-a-kind games, with assets generated differently each time. This level of customization empowers everyone, regardless of their gaming background, to create games based on their imagination.

The RiseAngle platform helps game developers overcome current limitations in the following ways:

  • It focuses on high-level user preferences, eliminating the need for coding skills or access to developers, artists, or testers.
  • The platform generates all in-game assets, including 2D art, 3D art, voice, music, story, and procedurally generated game levels, based on user preferences.
  • This enables anyone with a creative thinking to make their own game without any technical knowlegde.

The level of customization and game creation offered by the RiseAngle platform is unparalleled. Assets generated by the platform’s generative AI are not limited by pre-existing game assets found in various asset stores. This opens up a vast array of new possibilities for game creation.

Furthermore, users can incorporate their own real-life information into the game, such as uploading photos or recording their voice, which can be used directly or as the basis for creating generative AI assets. This allows for fully customized games based on each person’s unique experiences and even customized branded games for businesses.

RiseAngle is currently preparing for the launch of its innovative platform. Although there is no specific launch date announced, it is expected to happen soon. With the RiseAngle platform, the future of gaming is bright, with more people than ever able to create and enjoy games that reflect their unique visions and creativity.

The company has already released a demo version of the platform, which provides a glimpse into the future of game creation. The demo showcases the platform’s ability to generate 2D platformers, top-down shooters, and even puzzle games, all of which can be created in a matter of minutes. The RiseAngle team is also working on expanding the platform’s capabilities to include other game genres and types.

The Future of Game Development and Beyond

The convergence of generative AI and gaming has the potential to revolutionize not only the gaming industry but also other industries that rely on creativity and innovation. The RiseAngle platform is just the beginning of this revolution, and we can expect to see many more groundbreaking innovations in the future.

As the line between game development and game creation continues to blur, we can also expect to see a shift in the way we think about games. Games will no longer be limited to those created by professional developers but will instead be created by anyone with a vision and imagination. This shift will create a new era of gaming, one where creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind game development.

Conclusion The convergence of generative AI and gaming represents a monumental shift in the gaming industry. RiseAngle’s upcoming Generative AI-powered 1-Click Game Creation Platform has the potential to democratize game development and unlock the creativity of gamers and non-gamers alike. With the platform’s unique approach to game creation, personalized game creation, and unprecedented customization, the future of gaming is in the hands of anyone with a vision and imagination. As the launch of the RiseAngle platform approaches, we can expect to see a new era of gaming, where creativity and innovation are the driving forces behind game development.

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