Poly Perfect Studio Announces Exclusive Giveaway of “Low Poly Icon Pack” for Unity Developers

Poly Perfect Studio, a leading provider of top-notch Unity assets, has recently announced an exclusive giveaway of their popular “Low Poly Icon Pack.” This limited-time offer allows developers to obtain the highly acclaimed asset without spending a penny.

The “Low Poly Icon Pack” is renowned for its meticulously crafted collection of low poly icons, suitable for a wide range of applications within Unity projects. By incorporating these visually striking icons, developers can enhance the aesthetics and professionalism of their games, simulations, and other Unity-based creations.

How to get it

To claim their free copy of the “Low Poly Icon Pack,” developers simply need to follow a straightforward process. Firstly, they must visit the Unity asset store and add the asset to their cart. At the checkout stage, developers are prompted to enter the exclusive coupon code “POLYPERFECT” to enjoy the asset at no cost. It’s important to note that no purchase is required to take advantage of this generous offer.

About the Unity Asset

The “Low Poly Icon Pack” encompasses an extensive range of icons, covering diverse categories such as objects, characters, environment, UI elements, and more. Each icon is expertly designed with a low poly aesthetic, providing a modern and eye-catching visual style for Unity projects. With the versatility and quality offered by this asset, developers can elevate their creations to new heights and captivate their audiences.

“We are thrilled to provide this exclusive giveaway of our ‘Low Poly Icon Pack’ to the Unity community,” expressed the spokesperson of Poly Perfect Studio. “At Poly Perfect, we understand the importance of high-quality assets in enhancing the overall user experience. We hope that by offering this asset for free, we can support developers in their creative endeavors and contribute to the growth and innovation within the Unity ecosystem.”

This extraordinary giveaway is expected to generate a significant surge of interest among Unity developers, eager to acquire the “Low Poly Icon Pack” and unlock its immense potential. However, developers are advised to act swiftly, as the coupon code “POLYPERFECT” is only valid for a week. After that, the asset will revert to its original price.

Unity developers are urged not to miss this golden opportunity to enhance their projects with the remarkable “Low Poly Icon Pack” from Poly Perfect Studio. It is a gesture of appreciation from the studio to the Unity community, underscoring their commitment to fostering creativity and excellence within the industry.

About Poly Perfect Studio:

Poly Perfect Studio is a reputable provider of high-quality Unity assets, catering to the needs of developers worldwide. With a diverse range of assets that include characters, environments, effects, and more, Poly Perfect Studio aims to empower developers with the tools necessary to bring their visions to life.

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