Starfield: FSR vs DLSS compared

While Starfield’s launch has been eagerly anticipated, it seems to have hit a bit of turbulence regarding its graphical enhancements. Specifically, the prioritization of FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) over DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) for Nvidia graphics card users has sparked disappointment among players.

The modding community, particularly NexusMods, has stepped in to offer a solution. They’ve released a free mod that allows players to replace FSR with DLSS or XLSS (Extra Learning Super Sampling), opening up new possibilities for enhancing the game’s visual fidelity.

One of the notable voices in the gaming community, YouTuber MxBenchmarkPC, took it upon himself to conduct a detailed comparison between FSR and DLSS in “Starfield.” In his latest video, embedded below, he delves into the visual differences, performance impacts, and overall user experience.

Here is how you can install DLSS3.5 for Starfield

1. Download the StarfieldUpscaler archive and extract it into the Starfield folder.

3. Download the UpscalerBasePlugin archive.

4.  Place the PDPerfPlugin.dll into mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder..

5. Download the DLSS 3.5 file.( You can download the supported version, if you have an older RTX card).

6. Extract and place nvngx_dlss.dll and PDPerPlugin.dll both in the mods/UpscalerBasePlugin folder.

7. Launch the game and press END in the game to open the menu for the upscaler, and you can select DLSS.

8. You need to turn on FSR2 in the game’s settings, cuz this mod replaces FSR 2.2 with DLSS/XeSS.

9. There’s no quality levels anymore, you simply change the render scaling ratio in the game’s settings (67% = Quality mode, 50% = Performance mode).

10. Play the game with DLSS 3.5.

The FSR vs. DLSS debate has brought to light the importance of choice and flexibility in the gaming experience. While “Starfield” promises to be an epic adventure in the vastness of space, it’s also evolving into a symbol of how the gaming community’s feedback and creativity can shape the industry.

As the debate rages on, one thing is clear: players will continue to seek the best possible visual and performance enhancements for their gaming experiences. Whether it’s through official updates or the tireless efforts of modders, the gaming community is dedicated to ensuring that they get the most out of their beloved titles. “Starfield” may just be the beginning of an exciting journey into the stars, both in the game and within the gaming community itself.

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