Unity CEO John Riccitiello is leaving

With the recent backlash from developers over Unity runtime fee and many demanding the removal of Unity CEO, Unity Technologies is set to witness a change in its leadership. John Riccitiello, the CEO and president of Unity, is all set to step down from his position. The news was confirmed by Jason Schreier, a reputable reporter at Bloomberg, through a tweet earlier today.

The tweet from Schreier, posted on his official Twitter account, read, “NEWS: John Riccitiello is stepping down as CEO and president of Unity, per company”.

Tweet from Jason Schreier about Unity CEO stepping down.

This abrupt departure comes shortly after an apology tweet from Riccitiello himself, which he posted earlier, stating, “Clickbait. Out of full context. Deeply sorry if what I said offended any game dev. Absolutely love the people that make games. Creative, hard work. #Unity”.

Unity CEO apologizes to Unity developers.

While the exact reason for Riccitiello’s departure remains unclear, industry insiders speculate that the recent social media controversy might have played a role. Unity Technologies, known for its game development engine Unity, has seen significant growth under Riccitiello’s leadership, becoming a cornerstone for developers worldwide.

Unity Technologies has not yet released an official statement regarding Riccitiello’s departure or his successor. The gaming industry and Unity’s vast community of developers are eagerly awaiting more details about the company’s future direction.

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