Unity Lunar Bundle Sale is Ending Soon

All Unity users can save up to 95% off fantastic, curated sets of art and tool assets in Unity’s new mega bundle. The Lunar New Year Mega Bundle will end on February 9, 2023 8:00:00 PT. You still have 3 days to get the bundle. Details of the bundle can be found below.

Lunar New year bundle has 3 tiers. You can choose 1 based on what assets you need.

$29.99 Bundle – save up to 60%

This bundle contains: 

Sprite Shaders Ultimate

massive collection of customizable and combinable sprite Shaders. Includes my Interactive Wind 2D asset for free.


Set of two mystical Wyrms, each of them has two different PBR materials sets and set of 14 animations.

Sci-Fi Turret Constructor

The pack contains over 70 prefabs of different modules, that will allow you to create numerous combinations of turrets and towers. The buildings are extremely easy to assemble – just drop the parts into the corresponding containers and they’ll snap right into place.

$39.99 Bundle – save up to 79%

This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 bundle, plus 

Shiny URP Power-Ups

A collection of simple and easy to edit Shuriken particle systems and particle shaders for rare items, awards or power-ups items designed for URP

SciFi Space Base

This pack includes over 300 modular & customizable prefabs for building your own space base. It’s designed to work in space and also as colonial base in outer planets.

Exporter for Unreal to Unity 2023

This is an unreal plugin (it will work only when placed in Unreal, see tutorial) that will export Unreal levels to Unity. That means LODs, collision shapes, actor placement, decals, spline meshes, converted skinned meshes to static meshes, terrain, materials & textures.

$44.99 Bundle – save up to 95%

This bundle contains everything from the $29.99 and $39.99 bundles, plus 

Warrior Pack Mega Bundle

683 polished and professional animations, setup as Mecanim Humanoids with included gamepad compatible character controller scripts, ready to drop into your game.

Easy AR: Make Awesome AR Apps Without Coding

Easy AR helps you to build awesome Augmented Reality apps quickly and easily without any coding. Easy AR handles everything from object placement and gesture controls to automatic lighting.

Sci-Fi Sound Pack, Ivy Studio – Procedural vine generation

790 high-quality sound effects for Sci-Fi projects. This versatile pack is useful for any genre that has any futuristic, robotic or modern elements.

Grabbit – Editor Physics Transforms

With Grabbit’s physics-based solution, you can create organic and natural-looking scenes much faster than with the traditional transform tools offered by Unity.

Flexalon 3D Layouts, 

Flexalon gives level designers, animators, and interface designers the power to make adaptive 3D layouts that are precise and easy to update.

Smooth Sync

Simple drop-in setup for Netcode for GameObjects, Mirror, PUN, PUN2, MLAPI, and UNet. No coding required!

Smooths Rigidbodies and Transforms over the network with ease. Just add the SmoothSync script to any game object.

Powerslide Kart Physics

This is the most straightforward solution for achieving smooth, responsive kart physics. Familiar mechanics including jumping, drifting, and turbo boosting are all here, along with limited item/powerup support and basic waypoint AI.

ProTips – Tooltip System

ProTips supports desktop/PC mouse hover events as well as press-and-hold events for touch devices. Tooltips can also be triggered from remote events such as button clicks or code, which is useful for making in-game interactive tutorials. Tooltips will also work properly when time is paused.

SensorToolkit 2

SensorToolkit is a collection of ‘sensor’ components that detect objects and sense the world around them. It elegantly manages the complexities of object detection so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Skill & Attack Indicators

Skill & Attack Indicators allows you to easily visualize attacks and skills to your players. Choose one of the indicators, configure the texture and settings and you are ready to go.


Pixelate is an innovative way to Convert 3D Animation into Pixel Art Sprite Sheets. Thanks to its proprietary 3D – 2D Shader System, Pixelate has the ability to Control Sprite Size, Animation Frame Rate, and React to 2D lighting in Real-time.

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