Unity Sale Alert: Ultimate Asset Bundle at 84% Discount!

Exciting news for Unity developers! The Unity Asset Store has unveiled a limited-time offer that’s too good to miss. The Ultimate Asset Bundle, a diverse set of game development tools originally priced at $120, is now up for grabs at a staggering 84% discount, making it accessible to all at just $19.20!”

The Ultimate Asset Bundle is a comprehensive package with more than 30 packages included and the promise of additional content in the future, this bundle is a must-have for anyone involved in game development.

What’s Inside the Ultimate Asset Bundle?

This bundle offers an array of assets that cater to various aspects of game development, including editor tools, game kits, templates, 3D environments, assets, plugins, and much more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced game developer, these assets provide the essential building blocks to bring your game ideas to life.

Game Kits & Templates:

  • Arcade Racing Kit: Create your own arcade-style racing game effortlessly.
  • TWICKS – Twin Stick Shooter Kit: Develop professional twin stick shooter games with ease.
  • Skill Drive: Access the complete source project of Skill Drive, a 3D game designed for desktop platforms.
  • Collecticon: Customize and extend a sample 2.5D game with intuitive editing tools.
  • Connect & Bubble Pop: Engage players with these addictive puzzle games.
  • Downhill Ride & Merge Dice: Add simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics to your projects.
  • Hex: Merge hexagonal number tiles in this mobile game inspired by 2048.

3D Environments & Assets:

  • Nora Prime, Dusty Canyon, Idyllic Woodlands: Create stunning, stylized environments for your games.
  • Tropical Island, Modular Underground Environment, Green Meadows: Craft beautiful nature scenes and atmospheric worlds.
  • Spooky Graveyard, Modular Scifi Station, Mountain Valley: Design unique and captivating environments tailored to your game’s theme.
  • Poly Dungeon Set & Industrial Props Pack: Build your own poly-styled dungeons with modular assets.

Plugins & Tools:

  • Game Action System Pro: Simplify complex gameplay logic with a modular system.
  • Radar System Pro: Integrate a customizable radar system into any game genre.
  • Health System Pro & Graphics Control: Enhance player experience with customizable health bars and graphics settings.
  • Script Templates & Visual State Machine: Speed up script creation and streamline state management.
  • Volume Control 2 & Color Control: Manage audio settings and UI colors effortlessly.
  • Startup Manager 2 & Scene Creator: Initialize game systems and create new scenes with ease.

Future Assets Included: One of the standout features of this bundle is its commitment to the future. All new assets released by the developers will be automatically included, ensuring that you stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of game development.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to bolster your game development toolkit at an unbeatable price. Whether you’re a solo indie developer or part of a game development team, the Ultimate Asset Bundle empowers you to create captivating games without compromising on quality.

Hurry and head to the Unity Asset Store to secure your copy of the Ultimate Asset Bundle today! Remember, this offer is only available for a limited time, so seize the moment and transform your game development journey.

Note: Prices and availability mentioned in this article are as per the time of writing and are subject to change.

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