low poly ultimate pack: Unity asset review

Low poly games have now started to compete with the high graphics games in the mobile gaming industry. One advantage that low poly have over the high graphics games is, performance. Low poly gameplay performance remains smooth even in low end devices. When it comes to game development, low poly assets are limited compared to the normal ones. In Unity asset store Low Poly Ultimate Pack is one the bestselling low poly assets. In this post, we will see if this asset is truly the ultimate or it lacks in resources.

Contents of Low poly Ultimate Pack

  1. Set of 19 animal models.
  2. Environment and buildings.
  3. Tools and Weapons.
  4. Vehicles and furniture.
  5. Apocalypse and Medieval themes assets.
  6. Demo scenes, materials and textures.

Pro and Cons of Low poly Ultimate pack


  1. Contains lot of assets for very low-price tag. Number of assets is just mind blowing.
  2. Assets quality is really good.
  3. Enough to make any genre game in low poly.
  4. Demo scenes are almost ready to be used as they are.
  5. Monthly update with new assets.
  6. Developer is really quick to respond.


I should not complain regarding this asset considering the price range, but a few cons are worth mentioning.

  1. Texture area needs more improvement, mostly in the terrain part. Most terrains are available as readymade mesh. Customizing terrains is difficult. You can use these low poly terrain generators for this purpose.
  2. Animal models are not animated.

My experience with this asset

When I first bought this asset in 2016 for one of my games, it had very few models and assets inside the package. The way the developer has constantly released update is astonishing. Today this pack has almost all low poly assets that are required. I have used it in many projects and have recommended the ultimate low poly pack to a lot of my fellow developers.

User reviews

  1. This asset is chock full of amazing assets and prefabs, it’s beautiful and I find myself spending more time looking at the assets than actually building the game. Amazing work from the Poly Perfect team, it’s evident the time and passion they have put into this pack. Stay awesome and keep going!
  2. The pack is well furnished, and keeps growing. I am very happy to be able to prototype my games with this asset!
  3. This pack has everything you need and for an amazing price. If you ever have any problem the creators of this pack respond promptly and give a real response not a copy paste. I highly recommend you purchase this pack!

Conclusion: Low poly Ultimate pack final thoughts

Ultimate low poly pack is not the ultimate asset you will need to make a low poly game. But it does come close to becoming the ultimate asset. The assets was priced at $20 in 2016 and is growing in both price and assets along the years. Regarding the animal animation, you need to rig them and animate them yourself, that’s a real drawback of this asset. But you can buy the animal animation pack for $5 from the same developer to overcome this issue. My suggestion is to buy this pack when it’s affordable and enjoy the updates for free.

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