Best Unity FPS assets

Looking to make an FPS game? Then you need look at the assets below before proceeding. A basic FPS controller is easy to make but a proper FPS controller requires a lot of coding. We have looked at different FPS assets in the Unity asset store and listed the top Unity FPS assets in the asset store.

A good FPS asset should have a proper controller with all player movements, weapon switch, fps camera setup, weapons pack and proper interaction with the environment. With these things taken care of your FPS game should be easier to make. You can also go ahead and code everything yourself if you have the time and skill to do it. Here are the top FPS assets to Consider.

Best Unity FPS asset

1.Ultimate FPS

This is one of the best FPS kits. It has all your requirements for an FPS game. The UFPS asset is a must-have for anyone making an FPS game. It takes some of the most complex (and often overlooked) parts of FPS games and makes them easy. The architecture within the package is well thought out and easy to grasp, allowing you to build upon it easily as your game grows.

Features of UFPS

  • Kinematic Character Controller
  • First Person Camera Controller
  • Split Screen Support
  • Inverse Kinematics (IK)
  • Dynamic Effects with Surface System
  • Damage System
  • Basic and advanced character motions.
  • Object and scene interaction.

2.Universal shooter Kit: The best Unity FPS Asset

Universal Shooter Kit is so easy to get right out of the box! And that’s typically not the case with the other assets available in the asset store. This is the real deal that works just like the developers have mentioned in the description. The developer of this asset is very quick to respond and the documentation is very neatly planned. If you are looking for an FPS asset and are not an expert of Unity then, look no further. This is the asset for you.

Features of USK

  • Universal weapon system
  • Universal character controller
  • Universal camera that supports First person, third person and top-down shooter.
  • Multiple Character support
  • Multiplayer support with lobby system
  • AI enemy support
  • Multiple assets included.
  • Ready to use demo scenes.

3.PRO Effects: FPS Muzzle flashes & Impacts

Although, this is not an FPS controller pack, this is a must have asset for anyone making an FPS game. This pack contains all the effects needed for any kind of FPS game you are going to make. This pack not only contains gunshot effects but also includes varying smoke and flash effects for different weapon types, explosions and many different impacts effects.

Features of Pro effects

  • Game-Ready effects for player weapons.Each effect contains muzzle flash, smoke and shells where necessary
  • 56 HQ Bullet Hole Decals. 4 decal variants for each of 14 surface types
  • 15 Impact effects for each of 15 surface types that is 225 effects.
  • 4K High quality sprite sheets.

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