Unity night skybox: How to make and best assets

Unity skybox is used in all the 3D games made in Unity. Most games use the default skybox that comes along when you make a new scene. Using a good skybox gives good aesthetic look to your game. Making a skybox is not difficult, you just need 6 textures that can be combined to make a skybox material. The quality of texture determines the quality of skybox. The other option is to just download skyboxes from Unity asset store. In this post we will see how you can make your own night skybox in Unity and also the best available option from Unity asset store.

How to make your Own Night skybox

Step 1: Texture for Night skybox

The first step is to get 6 textures. You can go out and click 6 pictures of the night sky and convert them into textures or you can download royalty free images online.

Texture setting for skybox

Make sure the wrap mode is selected to Clamp. If you are planning to use your own photos, make sure to crop them into square shape before adding to Unity.

Step 2: making a skybox material

Make a new material in Unity using the steps shown in the picture below.

Making new material in Unity

Step 3

Select the material type as skybox(6 sided).

Making night skybox material

Add your textures to the skybox material

Your Night skybox is ready to be used. To add it to your scene follow the steps below

  1. Go to Windows>Rendering>Lighting Settings.
  2. Drag and drop your new material to skybox material.

Best Night Skybox Materials in Unity assets store

1.Allsky skybox set

This is a collection of 200 sky along with the textures for 6 sided skybox. It is an one time and worth investment of skyboxes. All skyboxes in this assets are high quality and look amazing. We had bought this asset for one of our games back in 2015 and are still using it today. You can also check out the free version of the asset which has 10 skybox.

2. fantasy skybox

If you are looking for hand drawn skyboxes, then fantasy skybox is a must have asset. it contains around 100 hand drawn skyboxes. This asset should fit into all type of games. This asset is being constanly updated by the author. One small drawback is it doesn’t have the 6 sided textures, so you cannot mix up things as you can do with the allsky asset. Fantasy skybox also has a free version with limited skyboxes, you can check that out too.

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