Best Unity Mega Bundles

Unity assets store is a very resourceful place for any game developers. Recently Unity has come up with mega bundles sale where many got collection of Unity assets for a reduced price. After the sale many asset store publishers have combined assets and published mega bundles on the store. In this post we will cover the best Unity mega bundles available in the asset store along with their features and what genre of game you can use them for. Offers links are included at the end of the post. You can check out our list of best unity assets other than bundles too.

Unity on its 10th anniversary has launched a mega bundle offer from 21/10/20 to 11/11/20. You can access the offer by clicking the image below.

Unity mega bundles sale
Click image for Current Asset bundle Offers

1.Modular MegaPack

This asset is an ultimate collection of Indoor assets. If you are looking to make a building interior for your game then, this is the all-in-one asset for it. It has ceiling, walls, ceiling, concrete slabs, walls, floor, windows, doors, furniture, props, generators, stairs, fences, plinths, signs, pipes, lights, keypads and vegetation. You can make any type of 3D game that has a modern aesthetic look with this asset.


The textures used in this asset are of high quality and the assets are very well optimized. The only drawback of this asset is that it has not been updated for over a year now. But the developer responds in time to any issues. Also based on our recent tests, the asset is very well compatible with the latest version of Unity.

2.250+ Hand Painted Texture Mega Bundle

As the name suggests, this asset includes all the textures that you need to make a game. To be exact, it has 291 hand painted textures. All textures include Base Color, Normal, Roughness, Height, Ambient Occlusion. Textures are of high resolution, tillable and mobile ready. Once you buy this asset, you can send texture request to the developer and it gets added in the texture pack. You get free updates almost every month with this asset.


One of the best texture asset packs I’ve purchased. I have been looking around for some hand painted textures for a slightly dark themed low poly game, came across this during the sale and fits my game style well. Amazing details on each texture, will suit different styles well and will tailor-fit for low poly and cartoon styles. Great support from the developer, who is always quick to help on the discord. If you are looking for hand painted textures then this is the pack to get.

3.Corgi Engine + Handcrafted Art– Unity mega Bundles

Looking to make a 2D platformer then, corgi engine is your best friend. It might seem a little costly but the assets included cover almost all your requirements for a 2D platformer. You can have a prototype up and running in no time with this asset. This ultimate bundle is available as individual packages for $25 in the asset store. If you buy them individually it will cost you around $300 and Corgi engine will not be available. It includes the following assets.


The Corgi engine is a really helpful framework for anyone wanting to start a 2D platformer style game. The engine itself is easy to understand and saves a lot of time to get your game up and running. It’s not really for developers who have a whole bunch of self-designed scripts in their back pocket already. Developing all these features from scratch will cost a lot more in development time than what the asset costs. You can always later on replace certain functionalities with your own code and eventually have your own framework.

These assets are the top bundles that are available in the asset store. These can drastically reduce the game development time for any level of developer. As promised, you can get discounted assets in the Unity asset store from the link below.

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