Where to find good Playtesters for your Indie Game

Any piece of software requires rigorous testing to make it perfect. Games are no different. The more you test it, the more bug free your game will be. But you can’t just go out there and ask random people to test your game. That will fill your checklist with feedbacks you don’t want to hear. In this post, we will see how you should go about testing your game and where to find good playtesters.

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How you should playtest?

Playtesting is a big process. You should properly plan and implement it. Let’s take a look at things that you will need before you start sharing you game for playtesting.

  • A way to share your game. You can host it on any online platforms like Google drive and share the game from that.
  • Encrypt the game executable. Make sure no one is able to reverse engineer the game from the executable file.
  • Collect emails of the testers. You will need to interact with them if the feedback is not clear. Also, these emails will help you to market your game during the initial launch.
  • Setup a way to get feedback. It can be a Google form or something of that kind.

Once you have all the above things in place the next phase is to decide how many levels of testing are you going to do. Generally, there are multiple levels of testing for AAA games. But this is not feasible for an indie developer. The best way is to alpha test with free testers and then beta test using professionals.

Where to find playtesters?

If you are a big company with lot of employees then the best thing to do will be to hire inhouse playtesters. For indie developers with tight budget, Reddit sub-reddits are a lifesaver.

sub-reddits for free playtesters.

Hire professional Play testers

Professional play testers will give you compete details of what they will be testing and their report will be very useful to make your game bug-free. You can hire professional testers from freelance platform like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr. I have hired many playtesters for my game from Fiverr. I found it to be better if you give them the details for what you need in the test report rather than going with what they offer.

The cost of playtesting depends on how deep you want the tester to test your game. If you are looking to test the overall aesthetics and usability of your game then you can find testers for as low as $5 on Fiverr.

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