Best Freelance AR developers to hire

AR technology is the next thing that every industry is trying to incorporate into their products and services. But there are not many AR developers available in the market and most of them are not affordable. Are you looking to boost your service or product using AR? Here are some of the best freelancer AR developers to hire.


  1. 83 projects Completed.
  2. Average response time: 1Hour
  3. Software engineer with Fluent English communication.
  4. Works on Unity software.
  5. Also skilled in 3D modelling

Amazing work great at communication! Very quick and professional work – go for it!!!!

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  1. 155 projects completed
  2. Average response time: 4 Hrs.
  3. Fluent English communication.
  4. Professional Unity developer.
  5. Develops Marketing AR apps.

It is always a pleasure to work with Zeanex. Always works with the utmost seriousness. Thanks.

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  1. 10 AR projects completed.
  2. Average response time: 1 Hour.
  3. From United Kingdom.
  4. Works on web-based AR.
  5. Mostly works on Marketing Apps.

Such amazing service, he ensures all are delivered and doable first before creating an offer for us to pay. WIll come back again!

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  1. 12 Projects completed
  2. Average Response Time: 2 Days
  3. From United Kingdom.
  4. Works on web-based AR
  5. Also skilled in 3D model creation.

Thank you, Mario and Louis! You were able to deliver an amazing web AR firework experience in just a few days!! Always a pleasure to work with you and the expectations are always exceeded.

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  1. 6 projects completed
  2. Average response time: 16 hours.
  3. From United States.
  4. Skilled in Unity and java.
  5. Also teaches programming

Spectacular job! The seller went above and beyond expectations. The seller produced a high-quality work product in a lightning-quick timeline. He was really great to work with and the communication was excellent.

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