Free sprites for 2D game: Top 9 websites 2023

Looking for Free Sprites for your game? Here are the top 10 websites where you can get free sprites. All the websites have both free and paid assets. Also, look for the license type if you are planning to use the sprite for a commercial project.


Craftpix store

Craftpix offers high-quality premium and free 2D-game assets for your project. The assets are divided into categories of icons, sprites, tile sets, Gui, characters, backgrounds, game kits and more. All the assets you get from Craftpix can be used for commercial purpose and can be used in multiple projects.

Craftpix has both free and paid assets. They have done a great job at categorizing free assets in a separate page. You can access the free asset page from here


OpenGameArt website

OpenGameArt is one of the oldest game asset stores. The look and feel of the website are also retro. Don’t let the look deceive you. OpenGameArt has a huge collection of free sprites that you can use for commercial purpose.

Most of the assets in OpenGameArt is one the public domain with a creative common license. That means you are free to copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.

You can let yourself loose and download as many assets you want from this website.

PNG Tree

PNGtree website for PNG assets

PNGtree is the home of images. They have images in all formats. The collection includes backgrounds, illustrations, text effects, marketing graphics and much more. You can get your hands on many 2D assets from PNGtree.

The pricing model is little different on PNGtree. Most assets are free to download for personal use but you need to subscribe to their paid subscription to get the commercial license. There are some assets that are free to use for commercial purpose but it’s really difficult to find them.

The quality of assets is really good and we regularly use PNGtree for our game’s UI. If you are planning to go with the subscription then I would suggest going for a life time license.


Bevouliin website preview

Bevouliin has a good collection of 2D game assets. They have characters, backgrounds, marbles, illustrations, obstacles and ornaments. The collections are both free and paid.

Bevouliin doesn’t have a good filter option but they have marked all their free assets in the preview thumbnail. That way, you don’t need to click every asset to find out if it’s free.

You are free to use the assets for both commercial and personal projects.

Game developer studio

Game developer studio preview

Game developer studio is a collection of thousands of 2D game assets all in one style. According to them they have more than 10000 2D assets in their collection and it’s growing every day.

They provide a standard license for all free assets. Which enables you to use the asset for both personal and commercial projects. The license does have some limitations so it’s better to look at it before using the asset.

The main disadvantage of Game developer studio is all the assets are in the same art style. So, if you are not making a game in this art style then the assets are not of much use.


game art 2D free Unity asset preview

Game art 2D is yet another 2D free Sprites website. They have a really good collection of 2D art that you can use for your game. They have done a good job at segregating the free assets from the paid ones. You can just head to the Freebies section and download the free assets.

All the assets in the free section are included in the creative common license. So, you are free to use the assets in any way you want without royalty or attribution.

Itch.IO webpage is a market place for indie games. You can buy games for all platforms on It also has lots of game assets hosted on it for free.

All the assets on are made by indie game developers for the community. While most of them are available to be used in a commercial project it’s better to look for the license before downloading the asset.

You can get asset related to 2D,3D, textures, Sprites, Animation and much more.


Artstation website

Artstation is complete store to buy creative collections. You can buy tutorials, game assets, pictures, art brushes, 2D art, books and comics. Their collection is huge and diversified. They also have good quality game assets like 3D models, textures, environment, 2D characters, cloths and more.

According to Artstation they have 57389 game assets submitted by over 10000 artists as of today. Not all the assets are free but they do have a huge collection of free assets.

Artstation pricing model is little different compared to others. They have sample assets which are free to use for one commercial project but you need the whole asset then you need to pay for it. Also, you need to pay extra if you want to use it for multiple projects.

Game dev market place preview

Game dev market is an indie game asset store when indie developers can sell their assets. It has collection of 3D,2D, GUI and audio which are both free and paid.

It’s really difficult to find the free assets in this market place as the filter options are not good. But if you spend some time, you can get some good assets for free.

All the assets are included under pro license and can be used for personal and commercial projects.

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