Free 3D Characters: Top 10 websites of 2023

Everyone loves free stuff. Be it free 3D characters or game assets we love them. Here is the list of top 10 website where you can get Free 3D characters for your game. You can use them for multiple purposes like 3D printing or animated clips.

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mixamo website preview

Mixamo is an Adobe product and all the 3D models available at Mixamo are free to use for personal and commercial purposes.

The part about Mixamo is you can animate the characters to your requirement and download them in any format of your choice. Each character comes fully textured and rigged so you can use immediately in your creative projects.

Itch.IO webpage is a market place for indie games. You can buy games for all platforms on It also has lots of game assets hosted on it for free.

All the assets on are made by indie game developers for the community. While most of them are available to be used in a commercial project it’s better to look for the license before downloading the asset.

You can get asset related to 2D,3D, textures, Sprites, Animation and much more.


Artstation website

Artstation is complete store to buy creative collections. You can buy tutorials, game assets, pictures, art brushes, 2D art, books and comics. Their collection is huge and diversified. They also have good quality game assets like free 3D characters, textures, environment, 2D characters, cloths and more.

According to Artstation they have 57389 game assets submitted by over 10000 artists as of today. Not all the assets are free but they do have a huge collection of free assets.

Artstation pricing model is little different compared to others. They have sample assets which are free to use for one commercial project but you need the whole asset then you need to pay for it. Also, you need to pay extra if you want to use it for multiple projects.


CGTRADER website

CGTRADER is a huge collection of premium 3D models. Though most of their assets are paid they also have a collection of free 3D models.

CGTRADER has two types of licenses for free assets. One is editorial license and the other is royalty free license. Make sure the one you download has a royalty free license. That way you can use the asset for a commercial project.

Most of the assets in CGTRADER are not animated. So, if you are looking for an animated 3D model then you have to spend some time to search for it.


TurboSquid website preview

If you are looking for 3D models then TurboSquid should have definitely crossed your search result. It’s a collection of free and paid 3D models for all type of purposes.

Not all the assets on TurboSquid are game assets there are models for 3D printing also. You need to put in some effort to find assets for your game.

TurboSquid has different license types for different assets, so it’s better to look for the 3D model with standard license. This allows you to use the asset for commercial purpose.

Game dev market place preview

Game dev market is an indie game asset store when indie developers can sell their assets. It has collection of 3D,2D, GUI and audio which are both free and paid.

It’s really difficult to find the free assets in this market place as the filter options are not good. But if you spend some time, you can get some good assets for free.

All the assets are included under pro license and can be used for personal and commercial projects.


Kenny website preview

Kenny is a collection of different types of free game assets. They include 2D, 3D, audio, environment and UI assets. Thought the quality of assets is not comparable to bigger asset store, but it’s all free.

All the assets in Kenney are totally free to use with no strings attached. You can use them in both personal and commercial projects.


Sketchfab website preview

Sketchfab is a collection of 3D models of all sorts. Their 3D models can be used for different types of applications like architecture, Art, 3D printing and games. Its little difficult to find the free assets in there. Don’t worry we have sorted it out and linked to the page with free 3D Characters.

Most of the 3D models on Sketchfab are either on their standard or the editorial license. So, it’s better to check it out before downloading.

Free 3D

Free 3D characters website preview

Free 3D is an awesome place to get free 3D characters. But, it’s not all Free. Even though the name is Free 3D not all models are free. They also have premium 3D models. Finding the Free 3D model is very hassle free as they have them in a separate section.

The License is where they complicate things. Not all free 3D model can be used for commercial purposes. Take a look at it before downloading.


RenderHub is a friendly community for 3D professionals, indie game developers, Daz Studio users, and amateurs alike. You will find quality 3D models, get free downloads, and more. With a wide variety of assets, ranging from 3D models of characters, vehicles, buildings, and environments RenderHub is a great place to buy and sell 3d. You can also showcase your talent in RenderHub’s 3D art gallery, as every user gets a custom RenderHub URL and gallery page.

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