Use Unity runtime fee calculator to know how much you have to pay

Unity Technologies, announced a new pricing structure that left many Unity developers scratching their heads. One element of this new pricing model that raised eyebrows was the introduction of the runtime fee. This fee, which counts the number of installs and charges developers based on that metric, stirred up quite a bit of discontent within the Unity developer community.

At VionixStudio, we’ve been closely following the concerns of Unity developers, and we’ve developed a tool to ease the burden of calculating your runtime fees accurately. Today, we are excited to introduce the VionixStudio Unity Runtime Fee Calculator, a user-friendly and essential resource for Unity developers to determine their runtime fees with ease and precision.

Understanding Unity’s New Pricing Model

Before we get into the workings of our runtime fee calculator, let’s clarify a few key points about Unity’s new pricing model:

  1. No More Unity Plus Plan: Unity has eliminated the Unity Plus plan. If you are a Unity Free user, you won’t have to pay anything to Unity until your revenue exceeds $200,000 USD.
  2. Unity Plus Renewal and Unity Pro Transition: Existing Unity Plus users can renew their Unity Plus subscription for an additional year at the same cost. Additionally, Unity Plus users have the option to transition to the Unity Pro Plan for the next year at the same price as Unity Plus.
  3. Eligibility for Runtime Fee: The runtime fee is not applicable to all developers. It depends on your revenue and install numbers. For Unity Free or Unity Plus users, runtime fees are charged if you’ve earned over $200,000 USD and your lifetime installs exceed 200,000. For Unity Pro or Unity Enterprise users, the runtime fee applies if you’ve earned over $1 million USD in the past year and have 1 million lifetime installs.

Introducing the VionixStudio Unity Runtime Fee Calculator

Our Unity Runtime Fee Calculator simplifies the often complex task of calculating your runtime fees. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select Your Unity Version: Begin by choosing your Unity version, whether it’s Unity Personal, Unity Plus, or another edition that suits your needs.
  2. Enter Lifetime Installs: Input the total number of lifetime installs your project has accumulated.
  3. Monthly Install Data: Provide data on your last month’s installs, broken down by Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 countries. Unity’s pricing varies based on these categories, and our calculator ensures you get an accurate estimate.

Once you’ve entered this data, the VionixStudio Unity Runtime Fee Calculator does the rest. It crunches the numbers using the latest pricing information from Unity to determine your runtime fee. If your lifetime installs remain below the threshold, your runtime fee will be zero. However, if your numbers exceed the specified threshold, the calculator will provide you with the precise fee you can expect to pay.

For Unity Pro users with over 1 million lifetime installs, this tool becomes indispensable in managing your runtime fee obligations.

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