Creating an FPS game in Unity from scratch

Counter Strike: Condition Zero, was the main the reason I developed interest for games. This slowly turned into a passion, and now I am a game developer. Creating an FPS controller is the first thing I tried to learn when getting started. But it was so overwhelming, that I gave up and went back to … Read more

Creating Ragdolls in Unity

Creating immersive and lifelike character animations is essential for captivating players and enhancing the overall gameplay experience. One powerful tool that enables developers to achieve realistic movements and interactions is Unity Ragdoll Physics. Ragdoll physics refers to a technique that simulates the dynamic behavior of a character’s body parts, allowing them to react to external … Read more

How to make a Minimap in Unity

Minimaps are commonly used in games to provide players with a compact and simplified overview of the game’s environment. They serve several purposes and offer several benefits to players such as navigational help, spatial awareness and tactical information. Minimaps have become a standard feature in many genres, due to their practicality and usability. In this … Read more

Bullet Physics Unity: Movement and Collision detection

When it comes to implementing bullet physics in Unity, understanding how to efficiently spawn and control bullet movement, as well as handle collisions with fast-moving objects, becomes crucial. In this article, we will see, how to implement bullet physics, ensuring their smooth movement and accurate collision detection. We will also discuss a Raycast technique that … Read more

Lists in Unity for Beginners

Lists are often confused with arrays due of their similarities. But lists offer more functionality compared to arrays. In Unity, lists are more powerful that arrays and are easier to perform data operations on. In this tutorial, we will try to understand what are lists and how to use them in Unity. What are lists … Read more

Sorting Layer in Unity 2D

From a camera’s point of view, all the game object are at the same depth. Depending on the input from the renderer, it decides which object to draw first and which object to draw the last. In case of a 3D game, the depth of each object varies based on the 3D position. But in … Read more

How to use Arrays in Unity C#

Often in game development, we find ourselves using multiple variables of same type. For example, when we need to create a set of materials to choose from, or set of colors to apply, or while setting random range values. We can also create individual variables for this purpose, but processing the data becomes more tedious. … Read more

How to Zoom Camera in Unity

Some games take the player experience to a different level using zoom effects. In first person shooter games, camera zoom is implemented for aiming and in some games, it’s used for cutscenes. If you are looking for a tutorial to create a similar effect, then you are in the right place. In this tutorial, we … Read more

How to follow mouse in Unity 2D

Interaction with mouse is a very common feature in most of the games and sometimes, you need to move the player to the mouse position. This feature is widely used in 2D games. In this tutorial, we will see how to make a 2D game object follow the mouse. Step1: Adding the player to the … Read more