How to make a forest in unity

Forest can spooky, beautiful, dark, bright, widespread and so on. But in games they serve the purpose of conveying the right emotion to the player. A horror game’s forest will be different from a fantasy game’s forest. When it comes to designing one you can follow some simple steps to quickly make a forest for … Read more

How to make Camera Follow player in Unity

Camera in unity is the most important gameobject unless you are making a UI-based game. If you don’t get the camera angle right the gameplay experience will suffer. Making a Unity camera follow script is simple yet many people get it wrong. In Unity, the camera follow can be executed in two different ways. Which … Read more

Unity Instantiate: How and When to use

When we make games we tend to spawn many characters and objects during runtime. In Unity instantiate is the function used for this. This enables us to spawn any game object at any point in the game world. Unity requires the game object to be a prefab or available in scene hierarchy in order to … Read more

Unity Collider explained with OnCollisionEnter and OnTriggerEnter

Collision detection is required for all types of games. Detecting and utilizing the collision is implemented in a different manner in different game engines. In Unity, a collider can be added to any game object as a component. Also, you need to understand is how colliders and rigidbody work together to efficiently use them. Without … Read more