Best online 2D animation course for beginners

The animation industry is on the growth path in these recent years. 2D animation is one that has seen a drastic growth after mobile games became a thing. Also, an animation job is a well-paid job for those who have the right skills for it. So where to learn animation and how much to invest? For a beginner, animation might seem attractive but, it’s not for everyone. It’s always better to start with an online course before enrolling with the big classroom coaching. Use the free tools to understand the concept and to see if animation is a suitable career for you. In this post, we are going to see the best online 2D animation course for beginners with free tools.

Why Udemy for 2D animation course?

The reason we chose Udemy for this is because of the following reason:

  1. Multiple options to learn from.
  2. No questions asked 30-day return policy.
  3. Large user base with reviews for all the courses.
  4. Lifetime access to the course you have bought.
  5. Many free learning options.

Dynamic 2D animation online course with free tools

This course uses Inkscape and Dragon bones to make 2D character animation for free. Both these tools are really powerful and are available for many platforms. Learning to use both these tools effectively can help you avoid buying costly animation softwares. Lets see what these tools can do.


Inkscape is a drawing tool that you can use to draw characters and a lot more. The tool has a lot of inbuilt functions which makes drawing with a mouse easy and enjoyable. Inkscape is a vector illustration software so if you are into pixel art, this is not the software for you. Otherwise, it is the best open-source software available.


DragonBones is an open-source animation tool, which is more than enough to animate any 2D character. You can import drawing from other software and rig them. You can easily animate any character within minutes. DragonBones is easy to learn and use.

What you will learn in this animation course

  • design a simple knight character in Inkscape (feel free to design your very own character using the same method!)
  • export the character properly to be used with DragonBones
  • assemble the character and build up the skeletal structure
  • create and use meshes to animate soft bodies, like cape and hair
  • create four basic animations for the same character: idle, walk, attack, die (more will be added later!)
  • easily modify your character to a totally new version, while keeping all the animations!


This course is mostly focused on game creators and character animators. Others interested in 2D animation can also take this course to understand the basics of 2D animation. This course requires some basic knowledge of Inkscape which you can get from the free course here. This course is not suitable for anyone looking for 3D animation. If you are totally new to game development, you can check out our resources on how to make your own game.

Reason for choosing this course

  1. Uses free tools for animation.
  2. 30 Days money back guarantee.
  3. Complete hands on training.
  4. More than 200 satisfied students.

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  1. Yes,My dream to learn animation was decided during my school days far ago.But, I was confused where to learn it.But after going through the blog I am interested in the course . Please enroll me .I need a Pro guide like you.I hope I could achieve my goals easily under your guidelines.


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