How to use Unity Recorder

Earlier in Unity you have to use an external software to record gameplay in Unity editor. With the launch of Unity Cinemachine and Recorder, you can now make and record your own gameplay. This is a very handy feature that eases a lot of work when making a cutscene in Unity. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Unity recorder and use it to record movies and gameplays.

Install Unity recorder

  1. Go to Window>Package Manager.
  2. Select Packages: Unity Registry from the top left corner.
  3. Search for Unity Recorder.
  4. Click Install.

Open Unity Recorder

  1. Go to Window.
  2. Select General>Recorder>Recorder Window.
  3. You should see the Unity recorder in the Editor.

Using the Unity recorder

The two major options in Unity recorder are movie and GIF recording. You can find it on the left tab in the recorder Window. The best part is, you can record both GIF and movie at the same time. GIF recording is slow compared to movie, as it processes the GIF frame by frame.

  1. Select Movie or Gif.
  2. Select the required source.
  3. Then Select the Camera you want to use to record.
  4. Set the output file’s resolution, format and destination.
  5. Click start recording. This will automatically start your game.

Black screen when recording GIF

Unity GIF recorder seems to have a bug that renders black screen during GIF recording. This problem seems to be related to the camera selection.

  1. See if your camera is tagged as the main camera.
  2. If you are still getting a black screen select the Active camera option in place of main camera on the recorder window.

Recording for VR devices

Unity recorder has an option to record gameplay for VR devices too. But you can only record a movie for VR. GIF recorder does not have this option.

  1. Uncheck GIF recorder.
  2. Select 360 view as the source.
  3. Select Tagged camera as the recorder camera.
  4. Enter the tag of your VR camera in the scene.
  5. Press record.

If you have any other questions on recorder, leave it in the comment below.

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