Beginners must concentrate on making hyper casual game

Most of the game developers are people who play games. So, the first game they try to make is the game that they loved playing. But, what they don’t understand is the background of the development process. They try and quit after an year. People don’t take seriously the simplest advice “KEEP IT SIMPLE“.In this … Read more

how to make a unity game without coding

There is a serious misconception that only programmers can make games. That was true long time back, but now with the advancement of technology and game engines, anybody can make a game. Many drag and drop game engines are available but scripting in a game can give you better control over game mechanics. So, how … Read more

Procedural terrain generation in games

Procedural generation of terrain generally refers to generating terrain based on certain algorithms. It has been used extensively throughout the years to randomly create everything from the enemies that spawn, all the way to the worlds that you explore. Procedural terrain generation involves lot of mathematics in it. So, if you don’t like mathematics or … Read more

Best 5 Unity terrain generators(terrain tools)

Terrains and maps are one of the most important part of some games. In a 3D game a good looking terrain can make the experience more enjoyable. But ,designing every detail of the terrain yourself can be a tedious task. Unity Terrain generators can make that task easy. So, here are some best unity terrain … Read more

The Basics Of Good UI Design

A good UI design has the ability to make or break every piece of software, video games included. However, lots of developers will leave the UI for last, basically neglecting just how valuable it is. Generally speaking we, as players, don’t really notice user interfaces. We only pay attention to them when they are badly … Read more

Starting a Game Development Company

You are a game developer and want to start your own company? Then read on, we will cover the basics of starting a game development company in this article. Here are the 10 things you should know before starting a game development company 1. What platforms you are going to publish your games? Based on … Read more

Best Unity VR Camera asset

Don’t spend your precious development time re-creating VR camera rig, kickstart your VR development today, and have a VR camera implemented in just seconds with these assets from Unity store. 1. VR Easy VR Easy is a work process toolset for Unity3D that helps content engineers to rapidly bring out their ideas into VR Experiences … Read more

5 VR design principles to consider for a VR game.

Virtual reality is becoming easily accessible by the day and its development is not as hard as it was.This is the golden age for VR developers. VR developers must consider these VR design principles to make the experience unforgettable for their users. Now anybody can experience VR if they have a phone with gyroscope and … Read more