What is Game Design Document and how to write one.

Designing a complex game requires a planned approach. This is where the Game Design Document or popularly known as GDD comes into picture. A game design document is the complete sketch of the game in paper. The design document should contain each and every aspect of the game. It should act as a guide for … Read more

Increase App Downloads using SALES FUNNEL!

Developed your app and waiting for people to download?Here is how you can increase your downloads with a marketing sales funnel. A sales funnel is a step by step procedure to convert your target audience into loyal customers. Before you jump into the sales funnel you must define your target audience by doing a proper … Read more

Best laptop for game development in India in 2021

When searching for a laptop for game development you should remember that a gaming laptop is different from a game development laptop. A gaming laptop is focused on running the game and not making it. The main difference between making and playing a game on a laptop is the use of CPU and GPU. In … Read more

Using Unity Remote 4

First time when i came to know about Unity Remote it was something most of the game developers will love to have. I eagerly downloaded the app from google play store and started, but nothing happened. I tried searching all over the internet and after lot of searching and combining tricks from all websites i … Read more